Social Activities

Our purpose though it is "Bhagirath Prayathna" (Herculean effort) to reestablish scripturally, orally to enjoy Gayathri Sadhana, mantra amongst the masses of all cast and classes (both men and women) invoking the divine energies, latent in the deeper layer of consciousness for the refinement, upliftment and well beings of individuals and the society.

Karmabhoomi: "No Human is Immortal".

According to law of Karma, everyone has to face the consequences of our goods and bad deeds. Death is a reward (is a cessation of physical, mental etc. sufferings) comes according to your deeds. Soul moves in an atmosphere with no form, may have urge to eat drink etc. but unfulfilled desires keeps him wander is as per our belief. So keep their souls in peace, it is necessary to perform rituals (prescribed order for performing religious service) after the death.

Free education to needy students:

There is no cast, status, restriction to avail this facility. The students who have urge to educate themselves, but cannot afford are welcome here always. They get free residence, food, necessary clothing, college fees, books, medical aid (whenever necessary) travelling (hubali College is 22km from Gayatri Tapabhoomi Tadas). At present 30 students are enjoying these facilities (and 12 students are already graduated from here).


Round the year, free food as Prasadam (Tiffin, lunch, tea, Dinner) is daily served to all those devotees who visit Tapobhoomi. Daily around 250 to 300 and on Sunday’s and on holidays about 700 to 800 devotees are served here.

Guidance to do Upasana-worship

Sadhak (one who is engaged in Sadhana). Sadhana literally meaning “Harnessing”, -spiritual harnessing the inner faculties of mind and emotions, which control the sensory organs so that all thoughts words and deeds of the Sadhak are righteous. In practice, it requires keeping a constant watch (which is done by our experience Sadhak-teachers) for progressive self-evolution. Upasana stands for expelling evil tendencies from ones thoughts.

Any aspirant can participate here, free of cost without any constraint of creed, cast, sex or social status.


To start GURUKUL: Sanskrit Pathshala

Indian residential school in which all children’s (age group 9 to 14) of the society can attend irrespective of their social status. In Gurukul, they will be given education and training in all aspects of life including religious doctrines. They will learn spiritual concepts and practices taught by spiritually eminent Guru.


General hospital of around 50 beds will be started to provide medical facilities to the people from all walks of life, and will be examined by eminent doctors of all faculties.



The poor and needy students can avail this facility. The library will be well equipped with books. Under the guidance of devoted teachers, students will get all help. The study hall will accommodate 70 to 80 students.


"For effective revival of the greatest Adhyatmic and Dharmic culture"
A hall where 250 to 300 devotees can sit and do japa (Rhythmic enunciation of Mantras)
SADHANA- Jap accompanied by mediation and specific spiritual practises.
SATSANG AND SWADHAYA - Enlightening discourses, discussions and study of the sagacious (wise) thoughts and glorious works of great personalities on different aspects of life.
YOGA - Short Course.

"These efforts are to prepare the person for successful life in the world and to facilitate the living of a wholesome life with an integrated personality"