Welcome to Sri Gayatri Tapobhoomi

There are lot of temples in and surrounding states of Karnataka. But there is no match to the "Gayatri Tapobhoomi" built in Karnataka. The "Gayatri Tapobhoomi" is a beautifully built temple with a more beautiful "Gayatri Goddess" inside. It is said that the people who have strong will about their Sankalpa are blessed by the "Gayatri Goddess". The "Gayatri Tapobhoomi" is developed by the people with determined soul and lot of good deeds made by them in their previous births.

"Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya" had a strong belief about "Shri Guru Krishnendra Swamy" and he also believed that Shri Guru Krishnendra Swamy is alive in his Brindavan(Samadhi).This belief did not go wrong and Shri Krishnendra Swamy was always there for him in every step of his life. Read More

16th PRATISHTHAPANA VARSHIK UTSAV-2016 We are Celebrating 16th Anniversary of Shree Gayatrimata, Jnana Ganapati, Jnana Subrahmanya and Shree Annapoornamata Pratisthana Mahotsava.

We cordially invite you to participate in the Anniversary Celebrations and have the Blessings of Shree Gayatri Mata and Shri Guru Maharaja's.Read More